Man Woman Conversations

When it comes to conversations, women are amazing. Women have such a huge volume of words and flexibility of conversations that they can effortlessly engage in at any one time. This makes men feel challenged to engage in intense conversation with women. But the truth is that men communicate in a different way. Men like simplicity in conversation and “yes” or “no” fit in as complete conversation sentences whilst women like to keep conversations fluid and dynamic. Women will usually go round a subject before they finally come to what they want to say. A woman can change the subject very quickly which is one thing that exasperates their men in trying to keep up with the conversations.

Man, you better get up and try to understand the mysterious creation your wife is. You entered deep into that marriage and trying to figure out how you can get another sweetheart elsewhere will only complicate your life. The trick is to try and understand your wife. It is not difficulty in understanding your wife in as long as you remove those mind-set ideas on what is right and what is wrong or what a woman should be or should not be.

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