Lemon Grass Essence Oil

Lemon grass is very similar to the common grass. In some countries, lemongrass is used as a thatching material for huts and cottages. The Lemongrass leaves have a rich, aromatic juice which is a rich source of essence oil for many industries. The lemongrass oil is immiscible in water and consists of volatile organic compounds.

Apart from the extensive use in confectionery – meat, puddings, fats, oils, dairy desserts, spirit liquors and non-alcoholic beverages, lemongrass is widely used in soap and detergents to add a characteristic odor to these products. Lemongrass essential oil is therefore used in the soap and detergent industries to give natural fragrance to cream, perfumes and skin lotions. And for the cheap essential oils available, some are given value by addition of little quantities of lemongrass oil and citronella oil.


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