Yahoo Weather vis

The capability of Yahoo Weather to have weather information on the internet and by extension to have it available free on mobile phone internet is very important to the development of man. Yahoo Weather is one of the many websites whose local weather forecasts and weather warnings information is provided by In Yahoo Weather page, one is able to get the following:

1. Daily and long-term forecasts for thousands of towns and locations worldwide

2. Real time observations of weather parameters of rain, temperature, wind, humidity, dew point, pressure, visibility, clouds amount, sunrise and sunset

3. Text-based weather forecasts for thousands of towns and locations worldwide

4. Maps, images and pictures of weather satellites, radars showing clouds, precipitation, etc

5. Long-term monthly averages for temperatures and rainfall

6. Video showing weather forecasts and observed weather

7. Weather news and features

8. Severe weather alerts and warnings such as hurricanes, flooding, drought, storms, snowfalls, etc

9. Message boards, mobile phone weather SMS, and free email weather alerts.

Weather: Which Is Better? - Yahoo Weather or

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