Vinegar is a traditional condiment that is used in adding flavor to food. Vinegar is also used in improving the conserving quality of food products. Vinegar is produced from starch and sugars by acetous fermentation which is a purely biological process.

Vinegar when consumed contains about four to five percent acetic acid. Depending on the materials used in its manufacture, vinegar may have either a fruity, mild or bland flavor. Raw materials for making vinegar include oranges, bananas, pineapples, raspberry, date, peach, whey and so on. It was Pasteur who in 1864 who discovered that vinegar was produced by a bacteria mycoderma aceti which is available in the air.

Vinegar is sold as table vinegar, processed into culinary products such as spiced vinegar, ketchup, relish, fruit sauce, savory sauce, mayonnaise, salad cream, chutney, brined vegetables, mixed pickles, piccalilli and other pickles.

The Quick Vinegar Process

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