Speculation of Stocks

W.D Gann’s motto of handle speculation of stocks as a business and not as a gamble is true up to this day. I like it. Another thing I would like to borrow from this Gann man is how he predicted trend direction and his evaluation of the points of support and resistance. If you would be interested in making success in trading the stock market, then I would urge you to borrow these from W. D. Gann.

W. D. Gann was a stock trader. W. D. Gann believed that speculation of stock or trading in stock should be handled as a business and not as a gamble. W. D. Gann was a great legend who is thought to have made over 50 million dollars as a stock speculator during his days. There is no documentary evidence to substantiate this. But he bought himself a plane in 1932 and hired a young 21 year old girl to fly him around as he observed crops to use in his trading speculations and predictions.

How to Tell the Stock's Trend Direction and Points of Support and Resistance

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