For one to stay healthy while dieting, it is crucial to get a balanced supply of three critical macro-nutrients other than vitamins and minerals. These macro-nutrients are:

1. Protein

2. fats

3. carbohydrates

In basic science, we know that proteins are essential for the growth and repair of our bodies’ tissue such as the muscles. Proteins come from meat, eggs, fish, soybeans and poultry. Any diet with less than 10 per cent protein of your daily caloric intake is incomplete.

Fats are essential source of energy as well as being an important part of cell membranes. Fats are used by our bodies for insulation and as a structural component. You get fats in nuts, seeds, meat, fish and dairy products. Fats are essential to good health but should be restricted to less than 30 per cent of daily calories.

Carbohydrates are sugars and starches. They provide instant and quick energy in our bodies. You get carbohydrates from bread, potatoes, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Your daily caloric intake should contain no less than 60 per cent carbohydrates.

Beware of Weight Loss Diets

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