Simple Bamboo Sprout Relish

The bamboo shoots or sprouts are sweet, juicy and tasty. The shoots are edible and the Japanese loves the sprouts’ taste more than any other people.

A simple bamboo dish which you can prepare to give your cuisine an oriental touch is called Labong relish. To prepare Labong relish you will need the following ingredient:

1. Two cups of bamboo shoots

2. Three tomatoes

3. One chopped onion bulb, French dressing, salt, and mono-sodium glutamate

4. Boil the shoots first and then squeeze the water out

5. Add salt to taste and then top up with French dressing

6. Dash with small vetsin/mono-sodium glutamate to season

7. Add tomatoes and chopped onion.

8. The bamboo sprout relish or Labong is ready to serve.

9. Happy eating.

The Edible Bamboo Sprouts

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