Visualize How Your Wife will Look like in Future

Men are romantics and will fall in love more quickly than women. Women will focus on practical considerations before choosing a partner

But the reality is: a woman’s beauty is bound to fade with years just like flowers will wither. This reduction in beauty is one thing a man in love fails to visualize. And as years’ passes, a man will start seeing a completely different woman from the one he had fallen in love at first. If you are a man and would want to visualize how your wife will look like ten years from now, just look at her mother because that’s how your darling will look like in future. If you like the looks of her mother, then that will save you many regrets in the future. And to ladies, when you dress up beautifully, throw a few of those resources to your mothers because the beauty of your mother can count.

Women Do Not Fall In Love As Easily As Men

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