Carbon Credit: the Bitter Pill that’s Looking the Better Pill for the US

It is easy to understand and to agree agreeably with the following:

(a) That carbon dioxide gasses such as chlorofluorocarbons and halons traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere by imposing positive radiation forces/blocking of heat that would have escaped into “space” back to the earth.

(b) You and I are pumping more and more carbon gasses into the Earth's atmosphere every year.

(c) Every year the earth is getting hotter and ice fields are disappearing, all increasingly in line with the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The rise in global mean temperature is currently 0.7˚C. 0.7˚C rise in mean temperature may not look significant but it is significant. If you increase the temperature of waters of all the oceans and seas by 0.7˚C every ten years, the water will expand and that expansion is translating to so much water that many coastlines and low Islands will be no more.

(d) That basically the weather is mainly determined by sun, land mass and water mass. Increase the water mass by expansion which then reduces the land mass keeping the sun constant and the whole global weather equation is changed for worse or better. This messed weather equation is showing Climate Change and Global Warming is now a Reality.

Climate Change and Global Warming is not a question of socialist propagada. What happened is that there is a price to be paid to provide sufficient and enough heat sinks to accommodate the excess heat being trapped by carbon dioxide. China, India and other developing countries were to “benefit” whilst Europe and USA were to pay a little more because they are industrialized and are producing more carbon dioxide.

This seems not to have amused the ruling class in USA and no wonder the excuses of socialism and capitalism whilst they buried their heads in the sand ignoring the real reasons. But then on the other hand there are wise Americans like Al Gore et all and when you look at the campaigns they are doing on Climate Change and Global Warming, you just admire them and the people of America.

And yes, there are no lessons you can teach Mother Nature.

Barclays Bank of UK estimates that Trade in Carbon Credit is soon becoming World’s Biggest Commodity Market with Futures and Options and will be worthy trillions of dollars per year. Chicago Climate Exchange of USA is now one of the few exchanges providing spot market in carbon credit allowances as well as futures and futures' options to help discover market prices of carbon credit and maintain liquidity.

When you look at the Trading Exchanges in the US, resources and the know-how they have, you’ll agree agreeably that they are miles ahead of the rest of the world - it’s like trying to compare day and night. That’s where the money is for US.

Interestingly what started like a bitter pill for US is now looking like a better pill. It will soon become mandatory that each country will have to swallow the pill of Climate Change and Global Warming, whether they like it or not.

Carbon Credit is soon becoming World’s Biggest Commodity Market with Futures and Options and will be worthy trillions of dollars per year

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