Identifying Pneumonia

The pneumonia causing germs thrive best when the body has been weakened by other diseases. This is why the diseases pneumonia will always tend to follow another attack of illness such as bronchitis, asthma and measles. The pneumonia germs are widely prevalent and each one of us is repeatedly exposed to them. The reason why we do not get pneumonia is because our body’s defense system is functioning well and the germs are fought before they establish themselves in the lungs.

What to look for to identify Pneumonia:

1. Rapid and shallow breathing

2. Breathing is painful thus making it not possible for deep breaths

3. Coughing vomiting, diarrhea, fever and high temperatures

4. Stiff neck

5. Child suddenly becomes more ill when the child was recovering from another illness.

6. Spits with reddish streaks of blood

7. Indrawn lower ribs

8. Child looks limp and ill

Pneumonia: The Disease of Children that Mothers Dreads

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