Giving Birth

Giving birth to your baby means you have to pay a price. Every new mother will realize this whenever she looks at herself in the mirror after giving birth. The large bump will be gone alright, but the new mother will be left feeling heavier than she was before the pregnancy. She will wonder, rather desperately when she look at the sagging abdomen, whether she will ever be the same again.

After giving birth, the abdomen will have a loose skin and this should improve with time plus some exercises. Some women will have to contend with an apron of loose skin but this is mostly after several pregnancies or when the skin has been very stretched through a pregnancy of twins. Stretch marks are permanent but they do shrink, becoming less obvious, leaving fine silvery lines. But there are good wheat germ oils out there in the markets which mothers can use throughout the pregnancy and after which would help reduce stretch marks.

What to Expect of Your Body after Giving Birth to Your Baby

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