Natural Honey is a Diet to Many

Honey has been synonymous with magic since the ancient times. Honey has been held in the highest respect and dignity by ancient civilizations. Honey is often associated with bounty, health and divinity through out the world. In early hunting and gathering civilizations, the discovery of honey was a cause enough for rejoicing. Today, natural honey continues to hold its position in the diets of many.

Honey is a multifunctional ingredient. Honey acts as humectants, a natural binder, a flavor enhancer and shelf-life extender for many foods.

Honey has a soothing and antibacterial properties which make it very ideal for pharmaceutical and health food preparations like beverages of tea and sport drinks. Combine honey with royal jelly, which is the food fed to queen larvae by worker bees, and you make an excellent nutritional supplement.

The Magical Bounty, Health and Divinity of Honey

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