Food Additives Occur Naturally in Foods

The use of food additives is a target for public criticism discrediting the foods that may contain the food additives. The truth is that these additives are for technological purposes and in any case, these food additives occur naturally in foods themselves. Look at benzoic acid in blueberries and cranberries or sorbate in pomaceous fruits. Many of these additives have been used for decades as food preservatives like in curing meat products or sulfurizing wines.

Food additives are used based on the “no adverse effect level” as set out by World Health Organization and Joint Expert Committee for Food Additives. Each food additive has acceptable daily intake value which is the amount which can be absorbed daily throughout a person’s life without adverse health effects. Food preservatives are used in the range of 0.3% to 0.4% of the acceptable daily intake. As a result there is hardly any report of fatalities or severe illness as a result of additives consumed with food. If you compare these figures with table salt which is not an additive, salt is used 2 to 3 times above the maximum safety factor and the public is not criticizing it. Why? There has not been any campaign to discredit common table salt. If there is one thing you should do now is to lower the amount of table salt that you are currently using and stop discrediting food additives because they are safe for use.

Public Criticism of Food Additives is unjustified

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