California Almonds

Almonds nuts must have originated from China and Middle East several centuries ago. Today most almonds nuts are grown in California where ideal conditions are found in the San Joaquin and Sacramento valley. In California, about half a million acres are under cultivation thus making almonds California’s largest tree crop. Worldwide, California produces 64%, Spain 19.5%, Italy 4%, Greece 4% and Morocco 2%. Almonds have a universal popularity which makes almonds the most dominant nut in world trade and the most important nut for the food industry.

Almonds are commonly used in confections like candy and chocolate bars, baked goods like pastries and cakes, roasted snacks, coated snacks, breakfast cereals, ice creams, sweets, savory snacks, sauces, spreads, side dishes, prepared frozen vegetables, diet supplements and vegetarian foods.

Like other nuts, almonds have a high nutritional value. Almonds are rich in lipids, proteins, dietary fibers, minerals and vitamins. The lipid in almond nuts is remarkable because of the mono-unsaturated fatty acid content at 35%. Including almonds in the diet will benefit you by lowering cholesterol levels due to their mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Almond nuts can be used as a replacement for other fat sources that are low in nutrients.

Almonds: The Most Dominant Nuts in World Trade

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