Maps and Directions: Which Is Better? - Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps

If you want to plan a journey somewhere unfamiliar, then you need a free detailed street map of your destination, driving directions along with details of lowest gas prices, hotels, restaurants, places to see and details of other things that you may want to have. This information can be obtained free in either one of the following websites:

1. MapQuest

2. Yahoo Maps

3. Google Maps

Of the three - Mapquest, Yahoo maps and Google maps, which one is better and what is the difference? This should not matter much as they all provides basically the same maps, driving directions and have the ability to overlay real satellite imagery.

To the very ordinary person, Yahoo Maps seems to be easy to learn and navigate plus they have taken into consideration the download time for dial-up users. Google produces higher quality satellite imagery whilst MapQuest will search for the cheapest gas prices no matter where you are. On real time basis, MapQuest provides live traffic maps for commuters in major cities that are updated every two minutes or so. But the bottom line is that Mapquest, Yahoo Maps and Google Maps each does well as the other.

Ideally what happens is that you input your starting point A and ending point Z and the output is accurate driving directions map to your destination. You can then use route builder to add en-route stop points B, C, D and so on and so forth along your journey and get finer details of street maps of your destination.

The full story is found here:Maps and Directions: Which Is Better? - Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps

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