Love Letters to Your Sweetheart

There are instances you have been angry with your spouse and or sweetheart for whatever reasons. How often has it been difficult to open up and say in a loving way exactly how you feel at that moment? In such moments it gets difficult to communicate your feeling to your sweetheart in a more loving way.

In such situation where verbal talking can rise up the temperatures, share your feelings with your sweetheart by expressing your feelings in a letter. Writing will allow you to listen to your own feelings without worrying to hurt your sweetheart. You will become more focused and loving.

Writing down your negative feeling will make you become aware of how unloving you may sound and you can then be able to adjust your approach.

To write the love letter when your sweetheart has disappointed you, follow the following order.

1. Address the letter to your sweetheart.

2. Include the following feelings in your letter: anger, sadness, fear, regret and finally love.

3. Be patient and do not stop your letter until you get to love.

4. Sign your name at the end.

The most releasing expressions are: I am angry, I am sad, I am afraid, I am sorry, I want, and I love.

The full story is found here: Love Letters to Your Sweetheart

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