Do It Yourself Jewellery Cleaning

Every year there are celebrations from the Christmas celebrations, new year celebrations, birth day celebrations, Diwali celebrations, and so on an so forth. These celebrations mean parties, gifts and card sessions.

It’s during these celebrations that your diamonds, jewellery, silverware and pearls will come from their long hibernation. To use them you will need to do some Do It Yourself (diy) cleaning to have them sparkle anew.

1. Cleaning silverware is done by simply cleaning with dry ash or table salt. Dip a damp cloth in ash or salt and polish the silver briskly to sparkle.

2. By dipping your gem-studded necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches in a glass with gin, the shin and lustre of your jewellery will come back.

3. Gold jewellery should be cleaned and brightened with plain warm soapy water and a brush. Soak your gold in soapy water for an hour and brush well to sparkle.

4. Restore the fiery brilliance of your diamonds by brushing them with a little menthol toothpaste.

5. Sprinkle kerosene on your brassware for a final polish. This will give your brassware a longer lasting sparkle.

These are just some of many household tips and hints that you need do it yourself to have your friends celebrate Christmas, New Year, birth day, Diwali, and so on and so forth with you.

Do It Yourself Home Improvement Tips

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