The Medicinal Value of Ginger Herb

Ginger is a pungent and biting tropical spice popularly known for it medicinal value. Ginger is a perennial herb which grows straight from the ground. The stem is thick and grows underground often mistakenly as roots. The stem run horizontally and remains underground. On the other hand, the aerial stem grows to about a metre high producing leaves and flowers with no seeds.

Ginger spice is widely used commercially in food and beverages. These include alcoholic drinks, meat, gelatines, biscuits, ales, colas, candies, desserts, cordials, ginger ale, gingerbread and curry powder.

Ginger is pungent. This makes ginger exhibit biological properties that are suitable for medicinal uses, as well as use in cosmetic products of soap, detergents and lotions.

Used domestically at home for cooking, ginger’s oleoresin is an important ingredient for medicinal preparations used for the following:

1. as digestant

2. as laxative

3. as antacid

4. remedy for cold and cough

5. treating joint pains

6. cure bacterial dysentery

7. relieve toothache

8. control baldness

9. cure malaria (malaria is a fast killer, consult your doctor)

Ginger: A Pungent Medicinal Herb

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