Climate Change and Global Warming is Now a Reality

Global warming is certainly inducing sudden changes in weather patterns like the global winds circulations which is resulting in a Climate Change which has severe consequences for water availability, flooding, drought, landslides, food and energy. This Climate Change is threatening the livelihoods of man as he competes for natural resources. The result is endless conflicts over resources which have huge loss of lives.

It is not difficult to understand that:

1. Carbon dioxide, along with other gasses, traps heat in the Earth's atmosphere.

2. We Humans are pumping unprecedented amounts of these carbon gasses into the Earth's atmosphere

3. Research available now is showing us that the earth is getting hotter and ice fields are disappearing, all increasingly in line with the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

What Are You Doing About It?

No one is disputing the aforementioned. But you, what are you doing about it? It’s natural for us Human to assume that if it does not affect you at the moment, it doesn’t matter. The harmony with Mother Nature is now out of balance and that is the reason why you and I have to take action today on this Climate Change and Global Warming.

But really what is Climate Change? It’s a permanent shift in the traditional space-time patterns of climate - a change from one climate mode to another climate mode, which is outside the normal range of natural climate variability regardless of the causes.

There are two types of driving forces to change climate:

1. Natural Driving Forces
2. Man Made Driving Forces

Natural Drivers are due to the variation of the orbital distance of the Earth from the Sun which leads to the cold glacial and warm inter-glacial periods. Each period lasts about 100,000 years which is a slow change and we humans do not easily notice it. Natural Driving Forces also include sun's activity which is a solar cycle of 22 years. There is not much we can do about these Natural Driving Forces.

Man Made Driving Forces include Greenhouse gases released to atmosphere by man which impose positive radiation forces which lead to global warming. Greenhouse gases are gases such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and halons which are used in refrigeration, fire control and in industrial solvents. Land uses such as clearing of forests will impose negative radiation forces leading to cooling through increase in reflectivity. Urbanization imposes a positive but localized forcing through the heat island effect whilst aerosols impose negative or positive forcing depending on the height and effects on clouds.

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