How to Make Money by Using Adsense to Spot the Winners

When you hear of advertisers paying $50 a click for a "consolidated student loan" ad don't be fooled - they only pay this on Google search. The same advertisers’ ad on your site will only cost them a fraction of the search price and you will only earn a few cents. Nobody makes a decent per click amount with adsense. The search ads cost an advertiser big money but the same advertiser will only pay pennies for content ads on your site and you get to keep 50 per cent of this.

Last month I had 10,189 visitors to one of my best sites - this generated 507 clicks on adsense for a whopping $86.23 - basically it paid my phone bill and nothing more. If I work myself crazy off and create 100 sites with this much traffic, then I might be making some decent cash. But getting enough traffic to all 100 sites is the hard part - too much work. What's the solution?

A few months back I was posting articles to a blog of mine that had to do with a very popular search term - each post I made generated several thousand hits for about 35 minutes until my post was usurped by newer posts.

The point I want to make is that one day Google placed an ad on my site that converted like crazy - 3 of 4 people coming to my site clicked the damn thing - an unbelievable 75 per cent click through rate. This ad kept on coming back day after day for about three weeks and averaged a click thru rate just over 50 per cent for the whole run. This meant a couple of things - I made hundreds of dollars in adsense during this period and the advertiser spent a ton of money but they kept on spending because they obviously were making a profit.

But how come Google does not give me ads like this one all the time? I decided to find what the ad was for and why it was converting so well. This advertiser was selling an affiliate product which I could also sell – I found out what their landing page was selling and why they were making money.

What if I could have put my own ad on my site instead of Google's and had people going to my own landing page selling the same thing? I did it and this experiment had very interesting results.

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