Lord Delamere's Son Get Eight Months for Killing a Black Peasant

Boy Long, Prince of Wales and Lord Delamere in Kenya in 1929. From the book "A Stone's Throw- Travels from Africa in Six Decades" by Genesta Hamilton

The eight months sentence handed down to Lord and Lady Delamere's Son — a fraction of the possible life in prison he faced — provoked shouts of protest from Maasai tribesmen and sighs of relief from white landowners, both of whom packed into the crowded courtroom.

Lord and Lady Delamere owns 200,000 acres of land in Kenya. Lord and Lady Delamere are the third Baron Delamere, one of Kenya's first important white settlers more 110 years ago. The third baron Delamere was famous for riding his horse into one of Nairobi's hotels and shooting out the bottles behind the bar. Delamere was the fourth husband of Diana Broughton, a blonde socialite whose lovers outnumber her jewels. Kenya's early colonialists in the fertile Rift Valley lived an adulterous and alcoholic lives.
Each Baron Delamere is an indirect descendant of Sir Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister of Great Britain:

1. Thomas Cholmondeley, 1st Baron Delamere (1767-1855)
2. Hugh Cholmondeley, 2nd Baron Delamere (1811-1887)
3. Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere (1870-1931)
4. Thomas Pitt Hamilton Cholmondeley, 4th Baron Delamere (1900-1979)
5. Hugh George Cholmondeley, 5th Baron Delamere (born 1934)
6. The Heir Apparent is Thomas Patrick Gilbert Cholmondeley (born 19 January 1968). The Heir Apparent is the one who has been jailed for eight months.

Source: Kenya Aristocrat Trial from Yahoo News