Gravity and Magnetic Hills

Gravity Hills or Magnetic Hills are natural hills where objects are seen to roll uphill apparently defying the law of gravity. Typically, this is usually a slight slope of a short stretch of road only a few meters wide, and surrounded by a natural hill. If you put a car on the road, it will defy the law of gravity and roll uphill in neutral gear, rivers will flow against gravity, and the same can be said of any other object that can roll – they all roll up the hill. There are several gravity hills around the world which are very popular with tourists.

Listing of Gravity and Magnetic Hills
Below is a listing of Gravity Hills or Magnetic Hills from around the world.

1. Mystery Spot, Michigan, USA.

2. Gravity Hill, Wisconsin, USA

3. Magnetic Hill, Manitoba, Canada.

4. Electric Brae, Ayeshire, Scotland.

5. Anti-Gravity Hill, Victoria, Australia

6. Hill South of Rome, Frascati, Italy.

7. Mount Penteli, Athens, Greece

Video - Car Defied Law of Gravity and Rolled Uphill in Neutral Gear

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