Dust Devils Are Not Women's Demons

Whatever man can not understands he consults witchcraft. A devil is an evil spirit that is a tempter to mankind. A devil is therefore a creation of human lack of understandings and fears. Man has always considered himself superior to woman. Man’s way is the only way and whoever does differently must be connected with demons and devils. Devils are not good and according to man a devil ought to be tortured until it is completely eliminated. A woman who leaves her man no doubt must be a devil.

Mankind did not understand dust devils. Dust devils have very little destruction power. Dust devils tend to form in groups with the larger dust devil being followed behind by smaller dust devils that are short-lived. A dust devil will expand and swirl like a charged spider and finally it does not destroy anything with all that effort. Considering that man considers woman to be weaker and only shouting without any tangible results to show, then man must have assumed that dust devils are as good as women who does differently from man’s way, hence the name “women’s devils” or “women demon”.

Video - Dust Devils Are Not Women's Demons

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