I Love You

When a woman wants to develop a relationship with a man, she may not tell him “I want you, I love you” but rather will send out body signals of saying she is available for such an eventuality. This can be an open posture of saying “come on” or a closed posture of saying “keep off”.

The open posture that signals availability in a woman is one where the knees point towards the attractive man rather than away from him, or when one leg is kept on top of the knee with the leg on the floor facing the fancied man. This is more obvious if the woman is wearing a short skirt or one with a slit and the slit is facing the man.

A woman will tend to use her eyes rather more to produce the same effect. Frequent glances towards the fancied man should be interpreted as crucial sign of interest. The woman interested in the man will continue to still glances at the man but should he look her way, she will not fix her eyes on him but will instead look down or the other way or even give an impression of shyness.

Once contact is established, a woman will then put up reinforces to encourage the man to talk. Rein-forcers such as smiling and agreeing with the man are all signs of indicating to the man that she may be available as well. These signs encourage the man to feel welcome, attractive and to relax.

I Want You, I Love You

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