Dual SIM Card – Dual On Phone

Two weeks ago, I was interested in a China phone, G-Tide’s W520 mobile phone. I wanted that china mobile phone to be used by my 7 years old boy. I figured it out that at its price, a dual sim card and a GPRS internet, my boy can be able to download games and also be able to save on callings costs by automatically interchanging network carriers on the “dual sim card – dual on” as he may deem necessary. And with a camera, FM radio and Mp3/Mp4, it looked ideal for a seven years old youngster. I also figured it out that I can use that phone as a standby GPRS internet connection if our usual internet connection was to go off.

It is not my intension to be against china or the phone G-Tide W520. The packaging was good and the price was low. The features sounded great but they turned out to have been lies to trick me into buying that china phone. I am not happy. I spent two days trying to configure GPRS that will not work. In two days I could have earned a few dollars which I could have added up to buy a good phone, say a Nokia model.

Buying China Phones: Configuring GPRS Internet and MMS Settings

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