No Woman Can Forget Infidelity

If there is one thing that bothers many women, it’s why many men find it difficulty to maintain a monogamous passion with one lover. In the initial stages of a new relationship, love making with the man you love is spontaneous and the woman is always anxious to have more of it with the same man. But man is adventurous and in continuous need of excitement in his life. The anatomy of man does not make thing any better – he easily gets s^xually excited.

But it is not easy for any woman to forget infidelity. She may forgive but will not forget and her passion will never be the same again. Passion is the secret that keeps a couple together. To remain a prisoner in a passionless relationship is not a choice that many people are willing to make. With the absence of passion from the woman, the man will becomes polygamous even after the woman has promised to forgive the first incidence of infidelity.

Why it's Difficulty for Men to Maintain Monogamous Passion - They Easily Succumb to Infidelity

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