Confused and Distressed After a Traffic Accident

It is understandable that you as a driver or a motorist are usually confused and distressed after a traffic accident. But confused and distressed as you may be, there are details you need to note down and report to traffic police if your liability is to be reduced and your prospect of success in any subsequent civil or criminal proceedings is to be increased.

In the event of an accident, a motorist is only legally obliged to stop and exchange particulars if the accident causes the following:

1. Damage to any vehicle other than your own or causes damage to other property by the road including damage to walls, fences, buildings, lampposts and other forms of fixtures.

2. Injury to any person or any animal including a horse, dog, cow, sheep, pig, goat, ass or donkey. A cat is not included.

Particulars of the vehicle and the driver have to be exchanged with anyone who may reasonably require them. This may mean other motorist, injured person, traffic police and any other persons suffering damage as a result of the accident. Failing to stop to exchange particulars is endorsable as offences by themselves. The particulars to be exchanged include the following:

1. Name and address of the motorist or driver

2. Name and address of the vehicle’s owner, if different from that of the driver.

3. The certificate of insurance should be produced and noted. The insurance certificate is in deed very necessary if someone has been injured.

4. Vehicle registration number

Details to Note after a Traffic Accident

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