Claiming Wages and Salaries

Once your employer has become insolvent, you should forward your claim for unpaid salaries and wages to the liquidator, receiver or trustee. If no claim is made by the liquidator, receiver or trustee within six months or if no liquidator, receiver or trustee has been appointed, you should claim direct to the department of employment.

What you can claim:

1. Arrears of pay up to a certain maximum a month for a period not exceeding two months. This payment include:
(a) Salaries and Wages
(b) Commission and overtime payments
(c) Guarantee payments
(d) Medical suspension payments
(e) Payment for time off work
(f) Statutory sick pay payment
(g) Payment under a protective award

2. Holiday pay up to a certain maximum a month for up to a 45 days due with 12 months

3. Payment in lieu of notice up to a certain maximum a month for up to three months less any remuneration or social security benefits paid during the said period.

4. Any unpaid basic award of compensation made by an industrial tribunal

5. Any reasonable reimbursement of apprentice or articled clerks’ fee

6. Unpaid employer’s contribution to occupational pension scheme

Claiming Wages and Salaries from Your Department of Employment

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