Avoid Tooth Abscess

If a cavity is not treated or filled, it will grow bigger and deeper until it touches the nerve. When this happens, germs will get into the tooth’s root and start an infection called an abscess.

Eventually pus will form at the end of the root inside the bone. When this pus has increased, it exerts great pressure which causes severe pain. This pain is felt all the time and it’s even more painful when you relax or you are asleep. The tooth will feel loose and longer. A slight touch or tap will really hurt because there is a sore on the gum where the root ends. With infection and formation of pus, the gum around the tooth will swell and this swelling may extend to the face in the same side of the tooth.

Brush your teeth after every meal and have your dentist check on your teeth at least twice a year so that cavities are detected and filled early enough to prevent abscess that will cause painful swelling.

How to Avoid Tooth Abscess

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