Wonder Drug to Cure Impotence

The medical word for impotence is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction is common throughout the world and the stigma placed behind it has led men to keep mum about it. This is because the ability to perform sexually is the tool at which intimacy is judged in many communities. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a great threat to the whole aspect of manhood. In many circles, it is an issue that determines whether or not you are a man. It usually goes like this - if you can not charge, what are you for? It is however important to note that men with erectile dysfunction often retain other sexual functions, such as sexual desire and the ability to have orgasms and ejaculate.

Sexuality has no age limit in men. A healthy man can remain sexually active well into his nineties. But still, impotence or erectile dysfunction is common, and is often a curable problem. This problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction increases with age. Although the rate of impotence or erectile dysfunction increases with age, aging itself does not appear to be the real cause. The important factors contributing to impotence or erectile dysfunction are age-related illnesses such as vascular diseases and diabetes, the effects of certain medications taken to treat those illnesses, and the prolonged smoking and alcohol use. This is why impotence or erectile dysfunction is more prevalent and severe as men age. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is therefore not a natural part of the aging process.

Together with other effects, impotence or erectile dysfunction has great effect on feelings of self-worth and self-confidence, and may impair the quality of life of affected men and their ladies. This condition will damage personal relationships and leads to anger, depression and anxiety that pervade all aspects of a man’s life. More often than not, men will not talk to their ladies about what is bothering them, and the partners may feel rejected because they do not understand what is bothering their men. And with women being what they are, a woman may walk away from the relationship thinking there is another woman involved.

The Wonder Drug to Cure Impotence, Viagra, is not an aphrodisiac. It works by restoring the man's ability to respond naturally to sexual stimulation. Most people with erectile dysfunction are affected by an enzyme that breaks down a component in the body that is necessary in allowing blood flow into the penis. This is where the drug Viagra comes in to help restore penile blood flow which is necessary for establishing and maintaining an erection. Do not administer Viagra by yourself but rather this should be administered by a physician after a thorough check-up. Viagra is indicated for helping men with impotence or erectile dysfunction to be able to enjoy sex. It should only be taken by men with impotence or erectile dysfunction following an appropriate evaluation by a physician. Viagra should not be taken by anyone taking any form of nitrates or anyone who has been advised against sexual activity.

Take Viagra one hour before sexual activity and only once a day. The drug lasts in the body for only four hours, whether or not sexual activity has taken place. When you take Viagra, you are able to respond to sexual stimulation 30 minutes latter and up to four hours. This does not mean that you will experience erections lasting four hours. The Viagra drug will help you get an erection only after sexual stimulation. Viagra does not increase libido and they should not take Viagra, neither should women with or without defective sexual arousal.

How to Use the Wonder Drug to Cure Impotence

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