The Medicinal Value of Water-Purifying Moringa

Moringa Oleifera is an inexpensive yet very nutritious tree vegetable. Moringa is unknown to many people out of tropics as it thrives in Asia and Africa regions. Other names for Moringa Oleifera are horse-radish and drumstick.

Moringa Oleifera grows on farms or simply in the countryside and folks will plant it mainly as a live hedgerow around the house and as an adjunctive food crop. Moringa is drought resistant and can be grown in a wide variety of poor soils, even barren ground, with soil pH between 4.5 and 9.0. The Moringa hedge will turn into food only when the folks run out of the preferred vegetables.

Aside from the intrinsic food values, the protein-rich Moringa seeds have the capacity of purifying even the most turbid water. The purifying activity is because the seeds contain biologically active coagulant. Like nirmali and tulsi seeds which are powerful coagulant for muddy water in India, Moringa seeds will clear water as an inexpensive traditional method of making drinking water safe to the local folks. You will need 15 seeds to purify 20 litres of water. The seeds are crushed into a thick paste and then mixed with water. The paste coagulates the suspended particles in water which later settle down.

Medicinal value benefits of water-purifying Moringa Oleifera are many and its soon becoming a most sought after tree vegetable for the following reasons:

1. It a source of nutritional value than many other vegetables. It has very high food value content in calories, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, niacin, thiamin, phosphorous and ascorbic acid.

2. The iron compound found in Moringa helps restore red blood cells and builds and maintains blood supply.

3. As an excellent source of calcium, Moringa helps in keeping up health teeth and bones.

4. As a source of vitamin A, Moringa keeps the body health and prevent xerophthlmia. Xerophthlmia is an eye disorder characterized by dry and lusterless eyeballs

5. Moringa improves your night vision in addition to increasing your body resistance to diseases.

6. Niacin is found in Moringa. It’s a vitamin of B complex. Niacin helps in stimulating growth and appetite. Niacin also prevents roughening of skin, neck, hands. It also prevents beriberi and anaemia.

7. In Moringa leaves, ascorbic acid is fairly high. Ascorbic acid is necessary in preventing skin haemmorrhage in mouth, gums, skin eruption, etc.

8. Ascorbic acid in Moringa will hasten tissue healing and resist body infections.

9. Methionine, is an amino acid which is present in Moringa. Methionine is useful in treating liver disorders.

10. Use Moringa bark as rubefacient remedy.

11. Apply Moringa roots on snake bites to neutralize venom.

12. Cure scurvy, hiccups, asthma, gout, lumbago and rheumatism using the roots of Moringa.

13. Moringa seeds contain 30 to 40% non-drying edible oil used to lubricate delicate pieces of machinery. Moringa can also provide oil for making biofuels.

You ain’t seen anything yet. Moringa Oleifera holds promise as a sustainable crop which can benefit humans and animals nutritionally, economically and as an energy source. The future looks very promising for Moringa especially in the formulation of medicine and in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics.

How to Benefit From the Medicinal Value of Water-Purifying Moringa

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