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Welcome to the world of Wonderland Online game. Wonderland Online game is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). That means an online strategy game that allows you to interact with other players through the Internet. It is fun and free, and that’s why it is interesting to download free Wonderland Online game. In this Wonderland Online game, you will meet and interact with the community of Wonderland Online players like yourself from around the world who are very active. And yes, welcome on board Wonderland Online game that begins aboard a free ocean liner called the Oceanic Star, which is on a tour of the world.

In Oceanic Star, just like in Titanic, the travelers enjoyed the travel in a carefree and relaxed mood until an accident aboard the ship caused it to start sinking. Chaos ensued as passengers realized that their worst fears have happened as the ship was going down. But the passengers were able to escape before the ship sunk fully. They escaped to find themselves stranded on a larger island populated by both shipwrecked passengers and helpful natives. It is up to the player to decide what to make the most out of this situation and, or try to escape from the island as soon as possible. Initially, the escapees thought this island was barren but as it turned out this island was full of life and resources that, if properly used, might help them escape back home. This is where you will join them.

Wonderland Online game has twelve different playable characters, as well as one secret character. Each character has unique special ability known as a newbie spell that builds on the talent of the character. The playable characters are Nina, Daniel, Betty, Vanessa, Konno Tsuruko, Nicole, Alice, Maria, Jessica, Rock, Sid and More. The secret character is called Breillat. Breillat cannot be chosen when players begin the game. She works as a waitress on the liner. She wants to travel and meet new people. Players have the option to change their original character to her. Breillat will then assume the original character's hair, eye color, as well as the character's statistics. Breillat has a special ability to uses her waitress's plate as a weapon.

Wonderland Online game is fully two dimensional with 16-bit graphics. Unlike most Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games that are in real-time combat, the action in Wonderland Online game is turn-based - you enter a battle through a random encounter.

Wonderland Online game is really a simple Game with a lot of fun and action. If you like games with unique quests filled with fascinating elements, this is a Game You Should Download Free Now.

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