Soya Lowers Heart Disease and Cancer Risks

In countries where consumption of Soya beans products is a major component of the diet, cases of coronary heart disease is far much lower. Coronary heart disease occurs when serum cholesterol levels are elevated and low density lipoproteins are oxidized. For every 1% reduction in cholesterol level, the risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by 2%. If you take a diet with 40g of Soya protein per day, you will cut cholesterol levels by 10% thus achieving 20% reduction of coronary heart disease risk. Take 80g of Soya floor and you get 40g of Soya protein. Take 50g of Soya Isolate and you get 40g of Soya protein. Take 1 litre of Soya drink and you get 40g of Soya protein. Soya targets low density lipoproteins and undesirable triglycerides without significantly reducing good cholesterol, high density lipoprotein.

In human body, estrogen is produced in the ovaries and testicles. Estrogen is a potentially dangerous stimulator of cell growth in tissues of breast, ovary, uterus and prostate gland. By eating soya beans, a woman can lengthen the menstrual cycle by as much as 2 to 3 days. By adding 2 to 3 days in the menstrual cycle, in a lifetime a woman can significantly reduce the number of luteal phases her breasts are exposed to dangers of estrogen. In Japan where women are four times less likely to suffer from breast cancer than their counterparts in USA, the average menstrual cycle length is 32 days compared to 28 days for women in America.

Do yourself a favour. Eat soya beans. The soya beans are abundance in most countries.

Fullest story is found here: Soya Lowers Heart Disease and Cancer Risks

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