What if it’s Not Adsense?

If it’s not Adsense, then it’s Google Adwords. Do not be fooled when you hear of advertisers paying $50 a click for a "consolidated student loan." They only pay this on Google search. The same advertisers’ ad on your site will only cost them a fraction of the search price and you will only earn a few cents for the adsense click. Nobody makes a decent per click amount with adsense. The search adwords ads will cost an advertiser big money but the same advertiser will only pay pennies for the same adwords content ads on your site and you get to keep 50 per cent of this.

If for some reasons you are not making enough with adsense, then you may try adwords. Google adwords produces results immediately and it is done as follow:

1. Join clickbank.com for free and open a free account. Find a product to sell for a commission from clickbank.com. Commission usually ranges between 30% – 75%. Choose a product whose commission is at least $35 per sale so that this payout is worthy the cost of advertising it. Look at the gravity which is the number of affiliate selling that product. A higher gravity means the product is popular but the competition is stiff. Go for a lower gravity. Then view the pitch page of the merchant and see if it’s good for converting visitors into sales. Google search your product to see if that product is being promoted on Google adwords. You should sell what is already selling. If the product is on adwords, then proceed and get your affiliate link or hoplink from clickbank. You now have an affiliate link and a product.

2. Open an adwords account with Google and put money into the account.

3. Get your own domain name and point it to clickbank.com product affiliate link. Choose a name very similar to the product you have chosen. When you are buying the domain name, turn it on to forward itself into your affiliate link. That is say mynewproduct.com will become, say mynewproduct.hop.clickbank.net once clicked on.

4. Google the name of your product and see the ads that come up. If these ads are working, then pick on one of them and make it better for you. Remember your ad should mention a price so that people do not think it’s free. Post the small advertisement with Google.

5. Limit your expenses to say $40 for this ad. If this $40 makes a profit, move to $60, $90, $120 and so on and so forth. You should be able to see the results within a few hours.

6. If profitable, repeat this with as many products as you wish, and before long it will be a full time business. You can also get more products from Commission Junction, Amazon, Ebay, and so on.

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