Everyone is Entitled to a Piece of the Action

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to know the secret of making money in the stock market? They are no smarter than you. They do not work any harder and neither are they lucky than you. But, unlike you, they never seem to worry about having money. You see most people miss the big idea here. They think it takes a lot of money to make a lot of money. But that is not how it is done. The idea is to make pennies consistently and to use them to build vast personal fortunes. The stock market is a proven wealth builder and can and should benefit all participants.

My favorite trading strategy is the Horizontal Calendar Options Spread. My wireless laptop is my office. The amount of my own cash I use is typically less than $1,000 per transaction lasting five to ten trading days. The beauty of it all is that I use several thousands of dollars of other people's money without risks except for my $1,000 cash that I deposit with my online broker. It is because of this that I trade options; otherwise I would stay very far away from option.

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