Free Guide on How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby

Most people do not know how to go about choosing the gender of their future baby before pregnancy. Many people have always dreamed specifically of when they will have a little boy or a little girl. For other people they already have multiple kids of one gender and would like to add a child of the opposite gender to the family. In either case, there is a strong interest in gender selection.

Perhaps one would like to know the logic behind the timing of ovulation method:

1. For a boy, you'll want to release the sperm as close to the ovulation time as possible. For a girl, you'll want to be a few days before or after this time period. A sperm has XY and an egg has XX. How does the timing of ovulation determine either it’s a sperm’s X or Y that will combine with the egg’s X or X to make XY for a boy or XX for a girl?

2. Sexual Positions: People who want to have a boy should use positions that favor deeper penetration whereas those couples seeking a girl will want shallow penetration positions. What is the logic? Perhaps the Ys from the sperm are stronger than the Xs from the sperm and will travel faster.

3. Female Orgasm. Basically, you should aim for one if you want a boy and try not to have one if you're going for a girl. Female Orgasm means there is a fluid – does this fluid block Xs from sperm more than it does to Ys from sperm?

The timing of ovulation method does work!

Free Guide on How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby

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